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Advanced Options Travel Deals For KRLD-AM 1080 On April 16, 2014 Travel Deals For KRLD on April 16, 2014. These deals, as discussed on KRLD were current as of that time. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

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Check out this week's offers. We are sure you will love them!

Airfares To The Caribbean, And Mexico Slashed By 50% Or More!

Want sun and fun this sprig or fall season? Think the Caribbean! We have some great Caribbean destinations on sale including, San Juan, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas and more!

Plus, if your sun and fun destination in the Caribbean is San Juan, St. Thomas or St. Croix, no passport is required! We are finding some incredible airfares some slashed by 50 to 70% or more over last year's prices to the Caribbean for spring travel.

You will find super cheap spring, early summer, fall, and early winter airfares to Nassau, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Aruba, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Antigua, Santo Domingo, St. Croix, Barbados and more!

We found over a dozen Caribbean and Mexican destinations on sale. Don't snooze and lose on this offer. You must depart the US between now thru June 12 or August 11 thru December 17. We love going to the Caribbean in October, you are just about past hurricane season, it's no longer rainy season, the kids are in school so the resorts are peaceful, and the hotel prices are greatly reduced during this off peak season.

So if you want to upgrade your vacation this spring or fall this offer could be just the ticket with great beaches, casinos, nightlife, poolside mojito's and margaritas.

Sample prices were valid as of April 15, 2014; and are subject to change without notice. Sample prices are based on spring travel, departing mid-week, staying seven nights. However, we are seeing these fares available on 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 nights or even longer, the choice is yours. How long can you spend in paradise? I would say you can easily afford an extra day or two when the airfares are selling for half price.

Departure City
Cancun St. Thomas

*No Passport

Montego Bay Nassau St. Croix

*No Passport

Punta Cana



San Juan

*No Passport

Dallas $399 $569 $339 $329 $639 $459 $459 $409
Departure City
St. Lucia Aruba St. Maarten St. Kitts Grand Cayman Santo Domingo Barbados Freeport
Dallas $649  $299  $309  $429  $319  $399  $719  $329

To book your discount airfare to the Caribbean, Bahamas, or Mexico , please click here.

Don't Miss Out On Big Savings On Caribbean & Mexican Vacations!

We have dozens of hotels to choose from, but here are some of our top picks. Remember, if you just want a warm beach, and a cold drink vacation package, you don't have to stay at a 4-star resort. We have many great 3-star hotels and resorts that are located on the sandy warm beaches so don't forget to check those out too. OR consider staying two or three nights.

Your cheapest travel days will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, and we do recommend at least a 14-day advance purchase. Rates are listed per person based on double occupancy. Prices include roundtrip airfare, four days and three nights at a 4-star Caribbean hotel, and all taxes. Now all that's left is to do is pack your sunglasses and sunscreen!

You don't have to be a Bestfares Member to get these super cheap vacation packages. We suggest you get to looking and booking your trip today to lock in these low rates!

Sample rates are based upon a four-night stay departing May 13-17, 2014.

The hotels listed below are all 4-star luxury hotels or higher.

To book your cheap discount airfares, flight and vacation package to the Caribbean online, please click here.

Grand Cayman
Montego Bay
San Juan
Departure City

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

Sugar Ridge Resort

Grand Lucayan Resort

Reef Resort

Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort All Inclusive

British Colonial Hilton

Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel and Casino


If the Caribbean destination you want to travel to is not listed such as Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, Curacao, Grenada, The Grenadines, Tortola, Punta Cana, St. Croix, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, or other islands, please click on the link below to book.

To book your cheap discount airfares, flight and vacation package to the Caribbean online, please click here.

Get The Bestfares For Last Minute Travel And Summer Sun & Fun Destinations!

If you have a big birthday or anniversary coming up, you should check out our discounted first class USA airfares. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you can fly in first class for only $219 roundtrip.  So upgrade your trip to please yourself and your honey. To see hundreds of discounted first class airfares valid for travel thru September 23, 2014, please click here.

Also, don’t forget our must not miss, frugal spring getaway to Florida. If you fly one-way to Florida and rent a full-size car for only $10 bucks a day. Then just drive the car home and drop it off at your airport. You can keep the car up to 21 days. Plus use our discounted coupons and rent for even less.

Furthermore, you can now rent from Avis or Budget thru June 30, 2014 and keep the car for up to 14 days. This could help many of you who have kids getting out of school during the month of June.  

A family of four could save $600 to $800, and have one heck of a frugal trip. You will save hundreds on your car rental; and because you are driving your car back home, you will save $125 or more per person by not having to buy return airfares and pay checked baggage fees. See all your car rental options for our fly-drive offer to Florida from six car rental companies, by clicking here.

One final note: Airfares starting June 9 are starting to climb for peak family travel. To lock in the Bestfares use our flexible travel calendar. There is a 90% chance you’re going to find the cheapest airfares only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for summer travel.

It's not often we discourage you from purchasing airfares however; if you’re planning to travel between August 25 thru December 18, 2014; except Thanksgiving, we suggest you hold off. We are expecting a humongous airfare sale sometime around June 10, 2014.  You could see airfares that are up to 500 miles one-way selling for only $98 to $108 roundtrip. So if you’re planning a trip after August 25, 2014, there is no need to purchase your tickets now. Roll the dice because it is always nice when you can fly for less!

To see all the travel bargains popping-up at, please click on the link below.

Discounted First Class Airfares For Peak Summer Travel!

Finding the Bestfares for peak summer travel will be a tough ticket. Airfares will be higher compared to last summer. If you're seeking the best airfares, then you need to be flexible. No matter how we slice it, the two cheapest days of the week to travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

For example, if you were to fly nonstop from Dallas to New York City's LaGuardia on either a Tuesday or Wednesday in peak July, you are facing a $319 roundtrip airfare. If you were to fly on a Saturday or Sunday for a one-week getaway, you would pay on average $449 roundtrip, per person. That's a $130 hit per person, or for a family of four, you are shelling out an extra $520 to travel on the weekend; and this in not even including what you will pay to check your bags.

Now here is the good news, if you are traveling as a family, or need to check several bags, our discounted first class airfares have dropped for peak summer. Our travel period has been extended throughout the summer through September 23, 2014.

If you are traveling with older children that can sit by themselves in the back of the plane; you may want to consider buying two first class tickets, and have the children fly in coach. You are all on the same plane, but you can reap the hidden benefits of flying first class.

The first perk would be getting to check three bags per person free when flying in first class. Let us show you how much of a benefit free checked bags can be. For example, if you are taking a one week trip between Chicago and New York City; the cheapest nonstop roundtrip airfares is $289, that is if you travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you are thinking about weekend travel the airfare jumps to $389 roundtrip, per person for Saturday and Sunday travel. Now, if you check one bag each, that's another $50 roundtrip per person. If each person checks two bags that comes out to be an additional $120 roundtrip per person.

However, our first class airfares between Chicago and New York City start as low as $449 roundtrip. Each person flying in first class can check up to three bags each at no extra charge. The smart thing to do is check all the bags for the entire family under the first class passenger. By doing so, you bypass the additional fees you would have to pay in coach to check the bags. If the two adults flew in first class that would give you six free bags, and four free roller carry-on bags.

For only a few dollars more than coach we think upgrading your summer trip, could save you some green in the long run in baggage fees. Plus, the adults get to partake in free adult beverages in first class, along with several other perks like priority boarding, more leg room, free food, and more!

While many airlines are offering upgraded coach seats with more leg room, these are the only seats on the plane that are you wider seats so there is more room for your butt. With all these free perks, I can now justify with a good conscience, why I should fly upfront this summer!

Below are a few examples of some of our first class airfares for summer travel. Remember, the cheapest days to travel will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

To check out our sample first class airfares

To/From Dallas
City First Class Price Per Person, All Taxes VS. First class prices after the sale You save per person
 Atlanta $549 $779 $230
 Baton Rouge $419 $859 $440
Chicago $529 $549 $20
 Detroit  $499 $1349 $850
 Ft. Lauderdale  $519 $699 $180
 Ft. Myers  $559 $909 $350
 Las Vegas  $519 $659 $140
 Los Angeles  $549 $659 $110
 Miami  $489 $779 $290
 Minneapolis  $509 $1819 $1310
 New Orleans  $349 $519 $170
 New York (JFK)  $619 $729 $110
 Orlando  $489 $1039 $550
 Phoenix  $509 $509 $0
 San Francisco  $489 $669 $180
 St. Louis  $509 $559 $50
 Tampa  $509 $799 $290
 Washington, D.C.  $549 $669 $120
 West Palm Beach $539 $1059 $520

, to get additional information on all the perks, and how to book online, please click on the link below.

Snooze You Lose Airfares For Spring And Summer Travel!

Now for all of you that can't get out of town for this weekend, we’ve got you covered thru at least June 8, 2014.  On many routes if you fly after June 8, 2014, you will still find great airfares; that is if you folks travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  

Today, we have over 400 snooze you lose airfares across America, many below the actual price it cost the airlines. Now that's the ticket!

To see our snooze you lose airfares, please click on the link below.

Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

Cruise To Europe Cheaper Than You Can Fly.

'Tis the season to think about repositioning cruises. What in the world does that mean? Well, two times a year the cruise lines move their ships from the USA to Europe for their peak summer season. The cruises depart from the USA during April and May and start as low as $299 for an 11-night cruise from Miami to Barcelona.

The only problem I can see is you need at least two or three weeks off to take advantage of these European repositioning cruises, but the price is right. You can actually cruise to Europe cheaper than you can fly.

One of the cheapest cruises going to Europe is the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas departing out of Miami on April 29, this is a 14-day cruise. You also get several destination stops along the way including the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and St. Maarten in the Caribbean. After cruising you arrive in London a great city loaded with great pubs, history, castles, and nightlife.

Want to see more repositioning cruise options, check out these below. There are over 40 transatlantic cruises to choose from departing from the USA to Europe. Most of these cruises depart the USA between April and May.

To see more details about these cruises and to book online, please click on the link below.

Click to view full size image

Florida 4-Star Vacations Including Airfare!

Since the week before Thanksgiving most of America has been hit with unbelievably cold weather, as well as ice, snow, etc.  However, there has been one area within country which had, and continues to have remarkable weather, this area is the great state of Florida.

Each day you wait to find a "warm up my bone's getaway" is also another day where airplane seats are sold to Florida, and before you know it the airfares will be sky high; and the hotel prices will climb due to all the advance bookings for spring break travel.

You don't have to be a Bestfares Member to get these super cheap vacation packages.

Sample rates are based upon a three-night stay departing May 10 - 13, 2014.

The hotels listed below are all 4-star luxury hotels or higher

To book your cheap discount airfares, flight and vacation package to Florida online, please click here.

  Orlando Ft. Lauderdale
Tampa West Palm Beach
  4- Star hotel or higher
Departure City Grand Villas Resort Sheraton Airport And Cruise Port



Jupiter Beach Resort

Dallas $356 $410 $430 $534 $559

To book your cheap discount airfares, flight and vacation package to Florida online, please click here.

Click to view full size image

From most USA cities, you must pay a $516 premium fuel surcharge on flights to Milan, plus an additional $105 in landing fees and government taxes. In other words, your fuel surcharge and taxes add up to be $621 before you have even purchased your airline ticket.

Our nonstop roundtrip airfare from New York City to Milan for spring travel is only $24 more than the mandatory taxes and fees! You will find this super cheap flight available for departures between now and May 15, 2014. *Fares may not be available everyday of the week and may be limited due to availability. We suggest you use our flexible date's calendar in order to track down the cheapest days to travel.

We do believe this is a mistake airfare, as it looks like the airline failed to add in the fuel surcharges to their ticket price. This airfare can only be found on Emirates; which has received many awards worldwide for being the best airline in the skies!

If you don't live in the New York City region, but still want to fly to Italy cheap this spring we have a solution. We suggest that you buy one roundtrip ticket from your hometown to New York City, and then by another roundtrip ticket from JFK to Milan.

On the Europe leg of your journey, the airline allows you to check one bag for free. To keep costs down on the domestic leg you may want to consider flying JetBlue from the West Coast as they also offer one free checked bag. This free checked bag could save you an additional $50 roundtrip.

Also, use our flexible date's calendar for your JFK to Milan portion of your trip.  There are many options and departure dates available that will get you to Europe dirt cheap, you just have to be flexible!

Milan is a great city to fly into as an alternative airport versus paying an arm and a leg to get to some other popular European destinations this spring.  Milan is close to Zurich, Germany, Venice, Rome, Florence, and you can get to any one of these destinations quickly by train, and for far less than what you would have paid to fly their directly from your hometown.

Prices below are based on mid-week travel, and staying for seven days, and six nights. You can choose to stay longer, or less amount of time and you still may be able to qualify for these super cheap airfares. Your price may vary based on travel dates, number of passengers, and seat availability. We recommend that you avoid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday travel in order to qualify for the cheapest airfares.

As you can see from this chart departing this spring, summer, or fall; Milan could be your ticket to savings to get to Europe for less! As you can see from the seasons listed below, Milan is the winner year round with decent prices. You will see similar prices to Rome, Florence, Venice, and Frankfurt during the same time frames.

Departure City


April 13 - May 15

Prices based on May 7-14


May 16 - Aug 31

Prices based on July 9-16


Sept 1  - Dec 18

Prices based on Sept. 10-17

New York $645 $890 $645
Dallas $1,250 $1,569 $1,236

To book your dirt cheap airfare to Milan for spring travel, please click here.

Get out of town

Click to view full size image

Drive Out Of Florida During Spring, And Now Extended For Summer, Special Offer!

Take the road less traveled, leave Florida for only $9.95 per day. Book a one-way out of Florida roundtrip on and pay as little as $9.95 for a full-size car. You can keep the car up to 21 days, and can drop it off anywhere in the USA, including the West Coast. If you have a large family you can upgrade to an SUV for $19.95 per day, or a mini-van for $24.95 per day.

One-way airfares to Florida are super-cheap; and just think about how much money you will save on baggage fees on your return trip home. You will be able to pack up the souvenirs, and deck chairs that you have acquired along the way and you don't have to pay to check them!

To book your drive out of Florida spring special online, please click here.

Bargain Fares To Europe For Spring, Summer, And Fall Travel

We have seen some major price drops to Europe for spring travel. These prices for spring are drastically lower than the peak summer season, where family travel is in high demand and ticket prices sky rocket.

Few places pack the punch of Europe. From its Northern Lights to its Southern shores, this country keeps on thrilling, surprising you with extraordinary wealth of sights, sounds, people, and parties! But the good news is that whatever you decide to do, you’ll leave blown away by the sights, sounds, tastes and other sensations you’ll experience: there simply is no way to tour Europe and not be awestruck.

These new cheap airfares are valid to over 40 European cities from over 100 U.S. cities. The sample prices below are based on a 7 day, 6 night stay. You can stay up to 30 days, in some cases up to six months. The cheapest travel days to depart to Europe will be Sunday thru Thursdays, and returning Monday thru Thursday. England is the exception, with both the cheapest outbound and return travel days being Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Departure City Dallas

Depart between Now - May 15 Example dates used April 23-30, 2014


Depart between May 16 - Aug 26 Example dates used July 17-23, 2014


Depart between Aug 27 - Oct 27 Example dates used Sept 10 - 16, 2014

Amsterdam $1143 $1636 $1196
Athens $1348 $1672 $1325
Barcelona $1154 $1602 $1174
Brussels $1162 $1499 $1154
Dublin $1048 $1363 $930
Frankfurt $1213 $1570 $1213
Istanbul $968 $1448 $1036
London $1249 $1762 $1272
Madrid $1186 $1550 $1206
Milan $1295 $1649 $1254
Paris $1253 $1595 $1273
Prague $1242 $1542 $1259
Rome $1309 $1619 $1316

To book your cheap discount airfare or airline tickets to Europe, please click here.

4-Star Mexico Vacations Including Airfare

Now is the time to take off to Mexico. The water is warm and the margaritas are cold! Hit those beaches and build up those sun tans, but more important sit back and relax, for five days and four nights of viva Mexico sun and fun.

Click to view full size image

The prices below are listed per person, based on two travelers. Single rates will be much higher.

To book your cheap Mexico beach getaway online, please click here.

Cancun 4-star CasaMagna Resort Marriott
April 30-May 3 $667

Los Cabos 4-star Fiesta Americana Resort All-Inclusive
April 30-May 3 $679

Click to view full size image

Las Vegas 3 Nights 4-Star Hotel + Air From Plus No Resort Fees

From spacious guest rooms affording stunning views of the Strip to lavish, three-bedroom suites with wet bars and parlors for hosting guests, these Las Vegas hotel rooms are suited to the business and leisure traveler with discerning taste.

Plus no resort fees before May 15, 2014 (saving you up to $30 per night).

Please Note: Beginning Wednesday, May 15, 2014, there will be a mandatory daily resort fee of $18.00 + 12% tax collected by the hotel at check-in. This fee includes the use of the following amenities: Wireless internet access for one device (excluding convention area), fitness center access for up to two people, in-room safe, local and toll-free domestic (800) calls, and guests will receive a LVH coupon booklet with hundreds of dollars in potential savings.

Sample prices are based on double occupancy, and were valid as of March 4, and are subject to change without notice. Single occupancy, and also additional 3rd and 4th guests will increase your hotel price.

Limited time offer: Guests will receive voucher at check-in entitling them to 2-for-1 show tickets to a show of their choice at Shimmer Cabaret. Voucher for free ticket can be redeemed at box office with purchase of a ticket. Free ticket is subject to processing fee.

To book your super cheap, Las Vegas vacation getaway including discount airfare, and reduced hotel rates, that is loaded with goodies, please click here.

Departure City

3 Night Vacation Price Per Person

May 10-13

Dallas  $257

Click to view full size image

No You're Not California Dreamin'. These Vacations Really Are This Cheap!

The Hilton Los Angeles Airport is close to all the action with local attractions nearby including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. Hotel amenities include free 24-hour airport shuttles, multilingual staff, 24-hour business center, 24-hour fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, four whirlpools, ATM, car rentals, laundry facilities, elevators, currency exchange, gift shop, laundry services, local area transportation, multilingual staff, newsstand, room service, safe deposit boxes, and babysitting services. Dining options include three on-site restaurants, and a bar.

San Francisco- The Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf is located in the heart of the world-famous Fisherman's Wharf area, within walking distance to Pier 39, the Cannery, Harbor Cruises, and Ghirardelli Square. Across the street you'll find the Powell and Mason Cable Car Line .Amenities include the heated outdoor lap pool, outdoor whirlpool, and State-of-the-art 24-hour StayFit Fitness Center with free weights, exercise cycles, steppers, stair climbers, rowers, and universal equipment .

To book your discount vacation package to Los Angeles, California, please click here.

To book your discount vacation package to San Francisco, California, please click here.

Departure City 3 Night package that includes roundtrip airfare, four nights at the 4-star Hilton LAX Hotel, and all taxes.

May 10-13

Price per person, based on double occupancy.

3 Night package that includes roundtrip airfare, four nights at the 4-star Hyatt at San Francisco: Fishermans Wharf and all taxes.

May 10-13

Price per person, based on double occupancy.

Dallas $406 $599

To book your cheap discount airfare or airline tickets , please click here.

News & Insider Travel Secrets!

Get Up To Date News And Travel Tips From

We want our followers not only to be able to travel the world for less, but also be savvy educated travel consumers. We want you to know how to get bonus miles, free upgrades, airfare and hotel discounts, travel alerts and changes.

Below are some new stories and travel offers that we think you should read and take advantage of. To get the full details on each story, just click on the links below.

It's time to make those summer travel plans- It feels like we just finished spring break, and you may not be thinking about summer travel, but it is time to start planning. When looking for fares, remember that the flexible traveler gets the best fares and the cheapest days to fly are usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays. More.

Carnival cruises offers new 10 and 11 night cruises from Galveston to the Caribbean- The 11-day voyages on Carnival Triumph originate in Galveston and include stops at Grand Cayman, Aruba, Bonaire, Grenada, Martinique and St. Maarten with the voyage ending in San Juan. More.

American and US Airways change their mileage, baggage, and kids fly solo fees- The changes focus on four areas - checked bags and fees, award redemption, ticketing fees, and certain in-flight options for business and first-class passengers. More.

Carnival has six hot sales happening this week, but you better book now- Book between now and April 30th and you will receive up to $350 off select sailings with only $50 required to reserve their cruise vacation. Isn't it time you got away? More.


Click to view full size image

Become A Exclusive Member Today!

Most of our offers are open to the general public and can be booked online. However, if you and your family travel overseas often or like to go on cruises our Membership could really benefit you.

From time to time we will negotiate offers with our hotel, car, and airline vendors for deals that are not open to the general public. This is where being a Member of benefits you and allows you to save big bucks on travel.

We can offer KRLD listeners $20 off your annual membership. To take advantage of this special offer just type in the promotion code KRLD20 when you sign up to become a Exclusive Member by clicking on the link below.

Click to view full size image

Tom Parsons, CEO and founder of, a discount travel website that tracks airfare changes and travel industry trends, is one of the most sought-after travel industry experts in the United States.

Parsons has been chasing down hidden travel bargains and bringing them to the traveling public for more than 32 years.

Parsons regularly appears on over 100 national and local radio stations and television networks each month, and is regularly quoted by countless newspapers and magazines.

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