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Bestfares Travel Deals For KMOX Radio For November 23, 2014

These deals, as discussed on KMOX for November 23, 2014, were valid at this time, and prices are subject to change without notice.

Please note - The offers listed below are available to all listeners. You can get more details on any of the stories listed below by clicking on the appropriate link.

You can also book cheap discount travel online at 24- hours a day.

If you wish to get more information or book over the phone you can call, and one of our friendly travel agents will assist you with any of your booking needs.

Please call 1-800-576-1234 Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm Central, if you need additional assistance.

Check out this week's offers. We are sure you will love them!

Cheap Winter And Spring Airfares To Europe

This week we checked the airfares from many US cities to Europe for the next 5 months. For the winter season, 6 US cities stood out as having some of the cheapest airfares to Europe. For travel starting April 13, 2015, San Francisco comes out smelling like a rose for cheap airfares to Europe for spring 2015 travel.

For example, departing San Francisco on April 20, and returning April 27, 2015 to Amsterdam, many international carriers want over $1,477. However, today you can go for as little as $861 roundtrip. That's over $600 per person in savings!

You also need to compare the airfares from your hometown airport to one of the 7 cheap gateway cities listed below like  New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  You can either drive to the nearest cheaper airport, or just purchase a cheap roundtrip ticket to one of the gateway departure cities. By doing so you could rack up big savings over flying out of your local hometown airport to Europe.

For example, Dallas to Rome departing February 3, and returning February 10, 2015, the cheapest airfare roundtrip on American Airlines $1,447 roundtrip.  However, out of Houston, a close drive or flight from Dallas, the airfare to Rome is only $669 roundtrip. Yes, its an inconvenience to drive or fly to Houston, but come one...$700 bucks, is $700 bucks! A family of 4 traveling to Europe during Spring Break could save over $2,800.  Folks, that's not chump change.  As a matter of fact, it is like getting a 50% discount or a 2 for 1 airfare deal.

Here are just a few sample airfares we found for travel during the first 3 months of 2015.  We think they are all are winners compared to the prices to Europe from other US cities.

New York City to Milan - $535
New York City to Dublin - $628
New York City to Istanbul - $586
Washington D.C. to Rome - $736
Washington D.C. to Paris - $758
Boston to Bucharest - $573
Boston to Budapest - $573
Chicago to Moscow - $577
Houston to Barcelona - $638
Houston to Amsterdam - $661
Houston to Athens - $669
Los Angeles to Madrid - $799
Los Angeles to Amsterdam - $783
Departing after April 13, 2015:
San Francisco to Istanbul - $709
San Francisco to Moscow - $659
San Francisco to Rome - $840

To check out our top 100 airfares to Europe, and to book your cheap discount airfare online, please click on the link below.

Leave The Cold Weather Behind, You Don't Have To Shovel Sunshine!

The Weather Channel is predicting that it is likely that all 50 states will experience temperatures close to freezing or below freezing; and it's only the middle of November! If this keeps up, can you imagine how cold it could get in peak winter during January and February?

Southern California, Florida ( from Orlando southwards), Puerto Rico, and Mexico are great destinations to plan travel to and to do it before all the cheap seats fly away.

The weather in Cancun, Los Cabos, and San Juan should be in the 80 degree or higher range during January and February. This weekend Orlando, Tampa and South Florida is to hit the 80 degree or higher levels. Southern California, including Los Angeles, and San Diego should be back in the 80's by next week.

Many of the airfares we have listed below will be valid for travel between January 12 thru March 11, 2015. Below are some super-hot warm up them bones getaway options.

Dallas to West Palm Beach $152 RT
Atlanta to Cancun $278 RT
Atlanta to Ft. Myers $194 RT
Austin to San Juan $269 RT
Baltimore to Miami $197 RT
Chicago to Orlando $180 RT
Cleveland to Orlando $160 RT
Los Angeles to Los Cabos $301 RT
Oakland to Miami $359 RT
San Jose to Honolulu $389 RT
New Orleans to San Juan $298 RT
New York City to Miami $150 RT
Philadelphia to Tampa $150 RT
Phoenix to Los Angeles $140 RT
San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale $283 RT
St. Louis to Ft. Myers $170 RT
Washington DC to Cancun $249 RT

To see hundreds of more warm up your bones destinations on sale and to book online, please click on the link below.

Snooze You Lose Airfares

If you are new to snooze you lose airfares let us tell you more in many cases, these fares can be up to 70% below the airlines' actual cost to fly you between Point A and Point B.

To check out our 500 hot snooze you lose airfares, and to start booking your cheap 2015 airfares online, please click on the link below.

Cheaper Airfares To Start Your New Year's Off Right!

As the holidays quickly approach we have shifted our attention to much happier and cheaper airfares we call the Happy New Year's 2015 airfare discounts.

Compared to what we are seeing right now for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, these Happy New Year's 2015 airfares can be up to 70% off.

Many of these airfares will kick in around January 6th or later with all travel completed by March 11, 2015.

We do have some cheap airfares that are available between December 3 thru December 17, 2014.

Look how cheap these airfares listed below drop in price in January and February 2015 versus peak New Year's travel.

  Dec. 27-Jan.3 Jan. 21-28
Dallas to Memphis $145 $71
Dallas to Washington DC $319 $123
Dallas to Chicago $309 $102
Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale $583 $172
Denver to Houston $389 $149
Denver to New Orleans $429 $103
Denver to New York City $455 $222
Austin to Ft. Lauderdale $769 $189
Pittsburgh to Ft. Lauderdale $869 $179
Washington DC to Ft. Lauderdale $709 $189
Hartford to Ft. Lauderdale $819 $189
Cincinnati to Las Vegas $744 $29
Austin to Las Vegas $609 $223
Las Vegas to Tampa $569 $232
Los Angeles to Houston $459 $140
Memphis to Washington DC $459 $110
New York City to San Francisco $659 $329
New York City to Los Angeles $859 $339
New York City to Orlando $599 $223
New York City to Ft. Lauderdale $649 $277
Washington DC to Orlando $609 $147
Philadelphia to Las Vegas $639 $232
Seattle to Washington DC $699 $265

Super Hot Travel Destinations Around The World

Don't Get Bah Humbuged On Your Holiday Travel Plans!

Christmas and New Year's airfares could be "Bah Humbug" if you don’t fly on the right dates.

This year both Christmas and New Year's fall on a Thursday giving you all a lot of flexibility to get your family to your holiday destination at the Bestfares. We have been checking our airfares lists, and it keeps telling us the best travel days to fly this year will be December 23, 24, 25 or December 30, 31, January 1. The worst days would be December 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, January 2, 3, 2015.

The exception to the rule would be if you depart December 29, 30, 31, January 1 and return after January 5, 2015, you would save a bundle.

When booking holiday travel try using our Flexible Travel Calendar.  Use plus or minus 3 days flexibility each way and the dates of December 24 returning December 31, 2014.

You end up with 49 travel day options giving you the best travel dates to fly for less this Christmas and New Year's holiday.  Below are some example airfares we booked today for holiday travel. The savings can be hundreds of dollars less per traveler when you adjust your travel days by as little as one day.

Departure / Destination Depart Dec. 20 or 21, return Dec. 27 or Jan. 3 Depart Dec. 23, 24, or 25, return Dec. 30, 31, or Jan. 1
Los Angeles to New York City $619 $409
Wash DC to San Francisco $649 $490
Dallas to Miami $709 $329
Chicago to Orlando $559 $379
St. Louis to New Orleans $499 $299

To start looking and booking your holiday travel, please click on the link below.

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