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Bestfares Travel Deals For WFAA Midday Viewers On January 6, 2015

These deals, as discussed on WFAA Channel 8 Midday on January 6, 2015; were current as of that time. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Please note - The offers listed below are available to all listeners. You can get more details on any of the stories listed below by clicking on the appropriate link.

You can also book cheap discount travel online at 24- hours a day.

If you wish to get more information or book over the phone you can call, and one of our friendly travel agents will assist you with any of your booking needs.

Please call 1-800-576-1234 Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm Central, if you need additional assistance.

Check out this week's offers. We are sure you will love them!

Hot Snooze You Lose Airfares

Just remember, you may need up to a 21-day advance to qualify for the lowest airfares. Additionally, be sure to use our flexible travel calendar. Try searching for a mid-week departure and return based on seven days. The date we used was departing February 3, and returning February 10, 2015. By searching this way we received 49 travel date options to choose from to qualify for the cheapest flights, including the weekends.

You need to act quick, and travel in late January starting around January 20th thru February 12th to get the cheapest airfares of 2015.

  • Travel deals thru February 12
  • $108 RT- Chicago, Denver
  • $128 RT- Ft. Lauderdale
  • Travel deals thru March 12
  • $88 RT- New Orleans
  • $98 RT- Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, Phoenix
  • $138 RT- Cleveland, Kansas City
  • $154 RT- West Palm Beach
  • $178 RT- Las Vegas
  • $229 RT- San Francisco, Oakland, Boston
  • $258 RT- San Diego

To see more cheap airfares across the USA, and to book online, please click on the link below.

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Get To The Big Game For Less!

  • Fly to a nearby airport and drive to Green Bay to save big bucks
  • Depart Saturday, return on Monday
  • Green Bay- $1,495 RT Nonstop
  • Milwaukee- $469 RT One-stop
  • Chicago- $385 RT Nonstop
  • Madison- $300 RT Nonstop

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Airfares To Europe From $630 RT!

If you're flying to Europe this winter or spring thru May 14, 2015; you need to see the big price cuts out of Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles; and starting April 13, 2015, San Francisco to Europe. Many of you will find that it is cheaper to purchase two tickets versus one from your home airport. To see more details about our cheap European cities, please click on the link below.

By flying on the same flight, but on two different airline tickets, could reduce your travel costs by hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. Many of you may have to make one stop or more to travel to your final destination, but it will be worth it. The amount of savings will depend upon the time of the year you depart, and how many people are traveling in your party.

This technique of booking was something we introduced way back in 1982; when Best Fares was started. We called this method of booking airfares "split fares"; while some airlines frown upon this, it's perfectly legal. Sure you may have to do a little more work, but the savings can be well worth it!

In order to get the cheaper airfares you must buy one ticket from your home airport to the inexpensive USA gateway, then buy a roundtrip flight from the cheap USA gateway to Europe. In many cases, this is far cheaper than buying a roundtrip flight from your hometown to Europe. By breaking up the trip you save hundreds, and also get to see more of the world for less.

  • Deal of the day Brussels- $630 RT, Travel thru May 14
  •        $689 RT- Moscow

           $759 RT- St. Petersburg

           $779 RT- Dublin

           $839 RT- Istanbul, Milan

           $929  RT- Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Munich

           $959 RT- Bucharest, Budapest, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Athens, Rome

           $1,019 RT- Stuttgart

            $1,049 RT- Paris

    Click to view full size image

    Viva Mexico Airfares And Vacations!

    • Dallas to Puerto Vallarta $349 RT
    • Travel now thru February 8
    • Save $150 roundtrip, per person
    • Dallas to Cancun $289 RT
    • Travel now thru March 6
    • Save $150 roundtrip, per person
    • 4 Night Cancun, Mexico getaway
    • 4-star Westin Resort and Spa
    • Jan. 24-28 $569 RT, per person

    Caribbean Resorts

    Summer Airfares Are On The Rise, But Not If You Act Fast

    Yes folks, we have not made it past Spring Break 2015. Nevertheless today, we want to talk about peak summer US travel.  We are not yet seeing any fares from Southwest Airlines for summer travel. Currently, Southwest is only taking reservations thru June 5, 2015.  Even so, last summer, Southwest summer airfares were not cheap.

    If you’re lucky to be in a big metropolitan market with many nonstop options, expect to pay more for those premium nonstop flights. Today, when we did a quick glance across the USA, we found such a variety of airfares, especially when you had a choice of nonstop versus one-stop.  It was not uncommon to find airfares $150 to $200 higher for non-stops than one-stops.

    Here’s how we see it right now, for travel between January 5 thru March 5, 2015, you will probably find the cheapest airfares between the big metropolitan cities and Florida.

    Between March 6 through April 20 expect to see much higher airfares.  This is due to Spring Break and Easter, which falls on April 5, 2015 this year.

    Between April 21 thru June 5, we should see another round of cheaper airfares, but not as low as what will get in the first two months of 2015.

    From June 5 thru August 24, 2015, this time period will be considered peak summer, and you should expect the airlines to offer “refinance your home” priced airfares. However, today we have some blowout summer airfares, but you have to act fast.

    During August 25 thru November 17 and December 2 thru December 17, 2015, we expect to see lower...much lower airfares than the summer. We also expect Southwest Airlines to do a “Blow Out” sale for the fall time period somewhere around the week of June 9, 2015.

    Another reason we think you should book your summer airfares early is it will end up costing you extra money if you are travel with a family of four.  For example, American Airlines' 737-800 aircraft has 3 by 3 seating.  There are usually 29 rows of seats. If you wanted to get four seats together you would probably need to sit in either Rows 25, 26, 27, 28, or 29.  The rest of planes, even right now, are only allowing you to reserve either middle seats only or premium seats which you must pay extra.  So flyer beware...if you are traveling this summer, you have some tough decisions to make if you want to fly for less.

    Check out some sample airfares we priced around the USA for peak summer travel. As you can see, choosing one-stop over nonstop may be your ticket to savings this summer.

    • Preview summer airfare deals thru August 6
    • $138 RT- Phoenix, Cleveland
    • $144 RT- Denver
    • $178 RT- Chicago
    • $198 RT- Nashville, Washington DC, Baltimore
    • $209 RT- Philadelphia, Las Vegas
    • $214 RT- New York City
    • $258 RT- Tampa, San Diego, Boston
    • $268 RT- Orlando, Ft. Myers
    • $278 RT- Ft. Lauderdale, West Pam Beach, Los Angeles

    To start looking and booking your summer airfares online, please click on the link below.

    First Class Airfares To Florida From $339 RT. Leave The Snow Behind, And Dig Into Sand Instead!

    Ho, Ho, Ho, Let's start traveling in early 2015 on some super-hot cheap First Class Airfares to sunny Florida, or the Big Apple!

    To Florida, we are seeing Atlanta to Orlando flying nonstop in First Class for $339 roundtrip. Yes, you get 3 checked bags for free. You get to get on and off the plane first. You get a wider seat with much more leg room than Coach. And why not start the party off right, with free adult beverages! Now that's the ticket!

    If you can depart out of New York City, how can you beat $379 roundtrip to Ft. Myers? You're just minutes away from the best Stone Crab's in Florida! 

    Washington D.C. to Clearwater Beach / Tampa is only $399 roundtrip for First Class.

    Dallas to sunny 80 degree Ft. Lauderdale, can you handle the price of only $439 roundtrip. And if you are freezing in Chicago, why not hit South Beach / Miami for only $399 roundtrip.

    During January, we are finding these cheap First Class seats available almost any day of the week, including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  From many US cities, you can depart as early as New Year's Day to the sunny warm beaches of Florida. Starting February 10, 2015, you will need to be more flexible and try Saturday and Tuesday departures for the cheapest airfares.

    Also, check out our cheap First Class airfares to the Big Apple NYC. The cheapest roundtrip airfares are from Washington DC for $259 RT, Boston from $269 RT, Detroit from $369 RT, Chicago $399 RT. But, our travel deal of the day has to be Dallas to NYC in First Class for $379 RT. We have 16 sample First Class airfares to NYC, however if your city is not listed, you should still price First Class from your hometown, by clicking here.

    Check out these sample First Class Airfares we found to Florida during January 2015.

    Atlanta to Orlando $339 RT
    Chicago to Miami $399 RT
    Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale $439 RT
    Detroit to Ft. Myers $429 RT
    Washington DC to Tampa $399 RT
    New York City to Orlando $399 RT
    New York City to Ft. Myers $379 RT
    Austin to Orlando $429 RT
    Austin to Ft. Lauderdale $429RT
    Washington DC to Orlando $409 RT
    St. Louis to Ft. Myers $499 RT
    Chicago to Orlando $499 RT

    To see more sample First Class airfares to Florida for winter and early spring travel, and to book online, please click on the link below.

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    We can offer WFAA viewers $20 off your annual membership. To take advantage of this special offer just type in the promotion code WFAA20 when you sign up to become a Exclusive Member by clicking on the link below.

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    Tom Parsons, CEO and founder of, a discount travel website that tracks airfare changes and travel industry trends, is one of the most sought-after travel industry experts in the United States.

    Parsons has been chasing down hidden travel bargains and bringing them to the traveling public for more than 33 years.

    Parsons regularly appears on over 100 national and local radio stations and television networks each month, and is regularly quoted by countless newspapers and magazines.

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