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Love Is In The Air--Fare! We Have Tons Of Super Cheap Airfares On Sale

Love is in the air today with sweetheart travel deals for travel thru mid-May 2013.

This new airfare sale may have just blown away our previous predications that airfares would be high this spring. With Easter falling early this year, being on the last weekend in March, the airlines find themselves in a predicament.

Many schools across America will take their week-long spring break between March 8 and the week of Easter, which this year will be the last week in March. In 2011, Easter fell on April 24, giving the airlines almost 60 days of being able to sell airfares at high prices, due to the drawn out spring break schedules.

This spring the peak travel period will only be about 30 days long; which will run between around the second week of March through the second week of April. This leaves almost all of April wide-open. So the airlines have a predicament- do they keep the fares high like normal, and hope for some late spring break travelers; or do we drop their prices to fill the seats. It looks like they chose to do the latter; which is great news for those of you that have been looking for a cheap spring airfare.

However, we are seeing that the airlines have paid attention to each major school district's calendar, and have really raised prices for travel on the Saturday that corresponds with each major school district's spring break schedule. You should also expect to see high airfares for travel on every Saturday and Sunday through April 10, 2013.

On the other hand, from many US cities airfares have been dropping like a rock for travel starting April 10 through June 8, 2013; these April and May airfares look like a bargain compared to the prices we are seeing for March travel.

On some routes we are finding the cheapest airfares are available for travel every day of the week except Fridays and Sundays. On some routes the cheapest travel days may be limited to just Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But, either way you will be able to get from Point A to Point B on a great low fare, if you are flexible.

If you haven't used it already, you should really check out our flexible date's calendar on our booking engine. On our site where you select your dates of travel, instead click on choose flexible travel. By checking this option you could save hundreds of dollars by leaving a day early or coming home one day later or vice versa.

Below are a few examples of some great airfares we booked on for travel after April 10, 2013. The prices below are based on departing April 9 thru April 16, and were priced on today!

**** REDHOT**** Today we have airfares from Dallas to 86 degree San Juan, Puerto Rico reduced from $400 or more to only $289 roundtrip. From Phoenix and Los Angeles you can fly to San Juan for $309 roundtrip, that's less than five cents per mile; or you can fly from San Francisco for $325 per person.

To book your cheap discount airfares for late winter and spring travel, please click here.

Dallas to San Juan, Puerto Rico $289 RT
Dallas to Miami $210 RT
Dallas to Los Angeles $259 RT
Dallas to San Diego $249 RT
Dallas to Orlando $255 RT
Baltimore to Ft. Lauderdale $119 RT
Wash DC to Orlando $145 RT
Wash DC to Tampa $155 RT
Wash DC to Los Angeles $289 RT
Boston to Dallas $229 RT
Boston to Chicago $169 RT
Boston to Wash DC $119 RT
Boston to Los Angeles $285 RT
Boston to Orlando $178 RT
Denver to Dallas $139 RT
Denver to Phoenix $115 RT
Denver to Las Vegas $129 RT
Denver to Minneapolis $159 RT
San Francisco to Los Angeles $123 RT
San Francisco to Portland $163 RT
San Francisco to Dallas $263 RT
San Francisco to Austin $249 RT
San Francisco to Miami $285 RT
San Francisco to Wash DC $149 RT
San Francisco to Las Vegas $143 RT
San Francisco to San Diego $143 RT
San Francisco to Orange County $149 RT
San Francisco to Chicago $283 RT
San Jose to Los Angeles $143 RT
San Jose to Reno $123 RT

San Jose to Dallas $249 RT

San Jose to Seattle $183 RT
San Jose to Portland $163 RT
San Jose to San Diego $156 RT
San Jose to Maui $339 RT
Los Angeles to Las Vegas $129 RT
Los Angeles to San Francisco $123 RT
Los Angeles to Tucson $163 RT
Los Angeles to Seattle $173 RT
Los Angeles to Portland (OR) $163 RT
Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale $249 RT
Los Angeles to San Juan, Puerto Rico $309 RT
Los Angeles to Tampa $289 RT
Los Angeles to New York City $289 RT
Los Angeles to Chicago $245 RT
Chicago to Boston $169 RT
Chicago to New York City $153 RT
Chicago to Los Angeles $283 RT
Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale $229 RT
Chicago to Orlando $229 RT
Chicago to Minneapolis $173 RT
Chicago to Denver $173 RT
Chicago to Dallas $269 RT
Chicago to Houston $229 RT
Chicago to San Juan $349 RT
New York City to Orlando $183 RT
New York City to Tampa $185 RT
New York City to Ft. Lauderdale $213 RT
New York City to Miami $213 RT
New York City to Ft. Myers $219 RT
New York City to San Juan $249 RT
New York City to Wash DC $129 RT
New York City to Buffalo $139 RT
New York City to Chicago $153 RT
New York City to Houston $273 RT
New York City to New Orleans $249 RT

New York City to Denver $239 RT

New York City to Phoenix $299 RT

To book your cheap discount airfares for late winter and spring travel, please click here.






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