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Drive Out Of Florida From $7 Per Day Thru July 6, 2013. Includes SUVs

Expiration Date: June 30, 2013
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This is a great fly and drive out of Florida offer. Just pick up your dull size car in Florida by June 30, and you can drop the car off anywhere within the 48 states by July 6, 2013!

This offer is valid with Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, Avis, and Dollar.

So, for less than $10 a day, including tax you can drive across America in a Chevrolet. This is great offer for a summer getaway; and for those people wanting to get a jump on the summer crowds at Disney and Florida beaches.

The great news about this offer is that you can keep the car for up to 6 days when you rent with Hertz, Alamo, and National. This is great for families who want to site see, and do it for hundreds of dollars cheaper than booking airfares to every where you want to see in America.

You can rent the car between now and June 30, 2013. However, you can only keep their cars up to 6 days. These rentals must be returned no later than July 6, 2013.

Last year, this offer was limited to drop offs on the East Coast. This year you can drive from Key West, Florida all the way to Seattle or San Diego, California, if you so choose! The car rental companies just ask that you return their car to one of their major airport locations across the country.

You can rent an economy through a full size for this great $9 per day rate. However, with Thrifty and Dollar we are seeing rates as low as $7 per day when you rent an economy, compact, mid-size, standard size, or full size car.

Or if you want a little extra room you spend only $6-$8 more per day and you can get a mid-size or standard SUV; and for $10 more than the SUV'S you can get a minivan. So now all you have to do is to decide how many people are going, how much do you want to spend on gas, and where do you want to end up.

We are seeing cheap one-way airfare prices to Florida during this time frame. Can you imagine how much money you will save on just checked luggage fees alone; especially, when you are hauling home all the kids souvenirs!

Check out these sample one-way airfares to Florida for mid-week travel departing June 26, 2013. These prices are based on the lowest published airfare regardless of airline or departure time a

Departure City

Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Myers Miami Orlando Tampa
Atlanta  $110 $161  $136  $115  $138
Baltimore  $88  $144  $117  $119  $102
Boston  $127  $146  $125  $95  $103
Chicago  $127  $146  $190  $122  $123
Cleveland  $160  $182  $205  $157  $173
Dallas  $112  $152  $136  $152  $122
Denver  $118  $136  $125  $173  $153
Houston  $155  $228  $186  $151  $189
Los Angeles  $191  $291  $265  $237  $230
New York City  $114  $103  $110  $108  $106
Philadelphia  $118  $136  $118  $125  $128
Phoenix  $0  $0  $213  $203  $203
Pittsburgh  $128  $125  $126  $155  $170
San Francisco  $184  $323  $242  $295  $235
St. Louis  $137  $137  $126  $169  $139
Wash DC  $88  $140  $107  $102  $102

You can return the car to almost any participating location within the USA, but DOES exclude renting a car in the Jacksonville, Pensacola, and Tallahassee areas of the Florida panhandle.

You can return the car to any participating car rental center, outside the state of Florida. However, you can't return the car to Savannah, Hilton Head, or Charleston, South Carolina.

You could drop off the car in Atlanta or New Orleans and fly home on a cheap one-way ticket. Or like most you have done in the past, you drove the car back to your home departure city.

We call this offer the Dinah Shore Special because you can see the USA in a Chevrolet. This deal could end up being the frugal spring trip you have been searching for.

First of all, the savings on the car rental alone are unbelievable. When we checked with the major car rental companies for what it would cost for a one-week rental in Orlando, Florida, with a pickup date of May 15 and returning it May 22, 2013; they all wanted between $300 to $600, including all taxes. Can we all say highway robbery?

But if you take advantage of this offer, you can rent the exact same car for around $70 a week. That's a savings of over $500 for the car rental alone. **Insider tip: Renting from off airport location can save you up to $50 right off the bat; as you will pay less in taxes. Some neighborhood location may only be a few miles from the airport, so make sure you get the best price by also checking out nearby neighborhood locations.

Now, we know you are saying to yourself "have you seen the price of gasoline lately?' Yes, we have, but we also know it is not going to cost you $1,000 to drive approximately 1,000 miles and when you are getting around 20 miles per gallon. That is only 50 gallons of gas, and with gas prices averaging around $3.55 a gallon, it may only cost less than $200. From, what we can tell most of these cars get better than 20 miles to the gallon, so your gas costs could be even less.

So crack open your Rolodex, and call up all your family and friends that live along the way to get back hone. It might even get you a free place to sleep for the night.

This offer is valid thru Alamo, National, Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, Avis, Dollar, and Thrifty! You get to choose which rental company you use, this way if you are enrolled in a frequent renter program with one of the companies, you can earn additional miles and bonus offers. The great news is that you can book any of the participating car rental companies online with Bestfares.

Plus, we have a way to take additional dollars off and get additional discounts, that are not available to the general public. Remember, once you book on our site and you have a confirmation number from the car rental company, you can log on to their site using the appropriate car rental confirmation,. From there you can add in your frequent flyer program, or reward program, and earn free miles, room night points with one of the participating partners, or free days on your next car rental.

This is the double dip of savings, you get to use our corporate discount on your car rental, and if you enter your airline frequent flyer number you could even earn up to quadruple miles or points for your rental!

The reason why we like Avis and Budget so much is that they are including their luxury SUV's in this offer. So if you are wanting a decked out Chevy Tahoe, you can rent it for the same price as the other SUV's. Plus if you need a 12-passenger van they are renting those for only $25 per day, with no drop of fees! Can you imagine how much money you would save splitting the cost of a trip between two families of up to 10 people or so?

Below are the discounts you can use on our site to book this offer and get additional dollars off:

To book this offer please click on the link below are use these special discount promo codes for great savings.

**Maximum rental : 21 days- For Enterprise use promotion code ENBKWY2

**Maximum rental : 21 days- For Hertz use Discount CDP# 34618

**Maximum rental : 7 days, extended pickup period thru June 30, returned no later than July 6- For Avis use Avis Worldwide Discount A489000

**Maximum rental : 7 days, extended pickup period thru June 30, returned no later than July 6- For Budget use Budget Customer Discount (BCD) # V268100

*** for Dollar you do not need any promotion codes they offer their unbelievable low rates starting at $7 a day to everyone.

*NOTE: Remember if you are driving west and change time zones, make sure you adjust your drop off time, so that you are not charged for additional hours of rental.

To book your one-way out of Florida discount rental car online, please click here.

Check out this price below from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta for travel April 30 through May 4, 2013. A base rate of $28 with all taxes comes to $62.95; which comes out to $7 a day before taxes for a full size-car.

Click to view full size image

We highly recommend that you enter in each car rental companies corporate discount code for Bestfares. This is the quickest fastest way to compare prices without having to go to each car rentals website. You can copy and paste the codes right from our story and with just a few clicks you can compare all the car rentals companies prices across the board for each car type.

Prices will vary slightly based on each city's taxes and fees, as well as how many days you rent, and car rental availability.

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